Memorial Day!!

Posted on May 30, 2011. Filed under: Encouragement/Empowerment |

Today as many are enjoying a day at the beach, family time, the sales at the department stores and time away from work, I am reflecting on the sacrifices that were made so that we can have the opportunity to do all these things. I am reminded of the history books and articles that are written with stories of many young men and women who lost their lives battling for freedom; sacrificing of themselves for what it is that our country has asked them to do. As a military woman myself, who served 6 years in the Armed Forces, I knew that I may have to make the ultimate sacrifice and I was okay with that. Yes, I was okay with doing what was asked of me for my country and for the people in it. I was fortunate but some have not. Many children today are living without fathers or mothers, many spouses without their other half, many mothers and fathers without their sons and daughters. They have a memory of that person for years while we only think about them once or twice a year. These families may only know of small details of what that person had to endure–classified information, recon assignments, sleepless nights, bombs, guns, mines, dark missions, dangerous flights, relentless enemies, negative media, not to mention a spot in their heart that longs for family. They trudge through mission after mission focused, knowing that one wrong move could cost them their life. Ordinary people with an extraordinary call.

This Memorial Day we know that we have been afforded many privileges because of the men and women that are 24-7 keeping a watch on our freedom, those that gave their lives for that freedom and those who are constantly praying for them and their safety. Think about doing something great for our military families serving and those left behind. If you cannot, you have a mouth to pray. That always works!!!!!


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