Goal Planning Worksheet!

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SMART Goals Worksheet


During this time of the year, many people are setting their goals for the New Year.  Of course, we all know that we need to identify our goals in a brainstorming process, categorize those goals into 1, 5 and 10 year goals and then separate them according to type (I typically categorize as Business, Financial, Physical/Health, Personal, Spiritual).  However, there is an even more specific way to make sure our goals become a reality.  It is called SMART.  Using the SMART process, take the top 1-3 goals in each category type and rewrite them as SMART goals:


a.    Be Specific– Be specific about what you want to do as well as the specific steps to get there.

b.    Make your progress Measurable- How will you measure progress?

c.    Action Based– What must be done to achieve the goal?

d.    RealisticIs this goal realistic?

e.    Have a Timeframe– Specify a time frame for completion.  After all, GOALS are “measurable” intentions.


FOR EXAMPLE: A financial goal may be that “I want to save money.”  This is too general and can mean many things.

This goal written SMART is:

  • Specific:  Save $1200
  • Measurable:  Put aside $100 per month
  • Action Based: Direct deposit $100 each month into a savings account or a CD.  This makes it harder for me to use it or in the case of a CD, get to it at all before the time period ends
  • Realistic?: No, because I am unemployed…in this case I must change my plan or I have set myself up for failure.  Yes, realistic as long as I give myself the freedom to touch this money once and make up for it by doubling the amount the next month.
  • Timeframe: By the end of 2011

Here is another link to the Worksheet.

SMART Goals Worksheet

Don’t forget to reflect on and read your goals everyday!

Here’s to great success in 2011…..


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