Candidate 1, 2 or 3?

Posted on November 28, 2010. Filed under: Encouragement/Empowerment, Life |

If you had a task or a goal to accomplish and 3 candidates to assist you as follows:

 Candidate 1:  Willing but unable

Candidate 2:  Unwilling but able

Candidate 3:  Unable and Unwilling

Which candidate would you choose?

A person, who is willing but unable to, can be taught and trained.  They are motivated and will not drain the life out of the project or the project leader.  Actually, they may be a source of empowerment to achieve the mission because they have a strong belief in it and thus a vested interest in the completion of it.  They know that they have challenges and are even more loyal to the project upon realization that the project leader has confidence in them.

An unwilling but able person has all the skills to accomplish the project but will drain the life out of the project, may try to impose their own agendas into the project instead of working with the team.  They are complainers who typically will sow seeds of division among the team.  In many instances they are not being challenged or find the project boring and so become unwilling to participate.  They cannot contribute to the vision so they should not be a part of it.  It is not the correct project for them.  Many behavioral issues in school children are as a result of their lack of motivation.  They are able but because teachers are not correctly stimulating their learning by studying their learning styles and patterns, these children become bored and disruptive.

An unwilling and unable person should not even be considered.  They are unmotivated and extremely detrimental to the success of the project.  They can be sabotages because they know that they cannot accomplish the task, do not want to accomplish the task and so they create drama to draw attention from the fact that they are useless in the task.  Time should not be spent trying to deal with their emotions or tantrums.   

A win-win situation can be had with the willing person.  An unwilling person complains, distracts and rarely makes deadlines….

In any collaboration project, look for the signs!!!


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