Why Tiger Woods and You will rise above failure and bad decisions!

Posted on December 13, 2009. Filed under: Encouragement/Empowerment |

Okay, so the hot topic in the media recently has been Tiger Woods and the affairs that he has had with not one but with several women.  I know this may be a controversial topic but you will be encouraged in the end.  I believe that as a human race we have idolized other human beings to the point where we can no longer see the humanity in them.  The reason I was not outraged by the Tiger Woods story is that I have never placed him or any other celebrity on a pedestal regardless of their impact.  I admired and still admire his love for the sport, talents, his tenacity, his champion attitude that he carries with him. I do not condone his actions but I am not the first to cast a stone.  I have made many choices in my life which were harmful to myself and my family but were never known because I am not a public figure.  The question then arises, “Should his wife stay or leave?”  I believe that is a decision that they will both have to make together privately without help from the media, but I will not judge them for either decision.  I will pray for them both and learn from their mistakes.

Seeing this story splashed all over the news has reminded me of the recent fall and rise of Martha Stewart, Kobe Bryant, Former President Clinton and many other celebrities.  They have made comebacks in the media spotlight.  If they can do it, I believe that it will be the same for Tiger Woods.  But more importantly, you, who are not in the media spotlight that intensely, can recover from failed business ideas, marketing principles or decisions.

4 Tidbits about Failure

Tidbit #1

Your best days are always ahead of you.  The situation might seem unbearable now but in a few years you would look back on these challenges with a grateful heart, knowing that in the midst of adversity you became a better, stronger, wiser person.

Tidbit #2

Most often, you come back stronger, more focused and with new strategies and ideas that would never had happened if you had not had serious setbacks.

Tidbit #3

During the tough seasons you learn what you are made of and it is typically more than what you think.  “Adversity causes some men to break and others to break records”–William Arthur Ward
Tidbit #4

Learn from your failures.  Let your failures be your impetus for success.  Treat your failures as an educational tool.  Even though you have failed, you are not a failure; you have just been given an opportunity for great wisdom.  “Good people are good because they have come to wisdom thru failure.  We get very little wisdom from success”–Wm Saroyan

This too shall pass!!!!

Be encouraged and please let me know what you think!

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