Precious and The Blind Slide–sign of the times!!!

Posted on December 1, 2009. Filed under: Encouragement/Empowerment, Spiritual |

Do you know what I have seen a lot of lately?

Movies with inspirational and encouraging undertones have become a hit in the box office recently.  From Twitter to Facebook to coffeehouses to churches, people are talking about movies such as Precious and The Blind Side.  Not only are these movies wonderfully made, but they serve to encourage and inspire.  This is exactly what we need in this day and age—encouragement, inspiration and lots of love. In addition, we need to have a huge amount of gratitude for the things that we do have.   With the loss of jobs and economical hardships, people are giving up hope and sometimes giving up their life or taking the lives of others.  Let’s have an attitude of gratitude and let’s lend a helping hand to at least one person.  Many people have given up hope but we can become a beacon of hope into their lives.  You never know what a kind word, a helping hand, a visionary insight can do to affect the life of someone else.

Recently, I volunteered with my church in giving out 1000+ turkeys and food boxes to families in need for the Thanksgiving season.  The joy that I had in helping someone else was increased by the smiles on the faces of the  children and parents that were served that day.  My role was as a greeter.  Simple you may say but it was profound.  We cheered on the families and treated them like royalty as soon as they entered the area.  I truly believe that many of these families  had been beaten down by life and just to have people treat them like kings and queens were a great boost to their self-esteem.   You never know the effect that you can have on a person.

Remember, the seeds that you sow into someone may never be known but it will always reciprocate.

What are some things that you have done for others to encourage, inspire, bring hope?

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2 Responses to “Precious and The Blind Slide–sign of the times!!!”

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I love it! What the World needs now is love sweet love! It’s the only thing, that there’s just to little of!! Well write Dawn!

Love and unity are priceless but yet we tend to ignore them. We have become a me-me society and this has to change. Lives are in the balance….Thanks for the comment!

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