Stallworth vs Vick

Posted on June 17, 2009. Filed under: Encouragement/Empowerment |

Donte Stallworth of the Cleveland Browns received started serving his 30 day sentence today for DUI manslaughter stemming from a March incident in which Stallworth killed a pedestrian while driving under the influence in Miami. He will also serve 2 years house arrest and 8 years probation in addition to providing an undisclosed sum of money to the family of the deceased. Michael Vick on the other hand served two years in prison for his part in the unethical treatment of dogs that were in his care—more specifically dogfighting. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love animals. I have a cute little pitbull dog and I would never ever understand why people abuse animals, fight them or even allow them to live in sick conditions. But, when a life is involved, the penalty should be even steeper in my opinion. Now, I am a person of second chances, so I embrace the apologies of both Vick and Stallworth and I would give each of them a second chance after they serve their time. I just believe the standards are a bit off. 30 days and probation for killing a person and 2 years for dog fighting. Of course, Stallworth was more upright and cooperative with the law as opposed to Vick, who really conspired to lie and hide the truth from law enforcement. This ultimately may be the reason why Stallworth was able to pull out a pretty decent bargain in this case.
There was such an outrage in the Vick case but nothing really in the Stallworth case. Very strange indeed. I forgive each man but I am amazed that the penalties are so far off. The fact that Stallworth was forthcoming with the authorities is the only thing that makes sense to me as to why his penalty was so much less than Vicks. I know that both these gentlemen will learn from their mistakes and that they will be better people as a result. After all, the difference between many criminals and non-criminals is that they got caught…..


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