Customer Service

Posted on June 6, 2009. Filed under: Life |

It is so sad when I say good morning to people and they ignore me or they look at me like I am crazy. Growing up, we would get in trouble for not helping an older person carrying groceries, for not greeting people even if we do not know them, for not smiling. Today, people carry on their lives seemingly oblivious to others. Selfish living is what I call it. They walk by you and not even say hello, they talk to you as if you were a dog or something. You go to a service oriented place and you feel sick with the poor customer service and yet no one seems to think this is sad. Fortunately for me today, I was at the car dealership getting my oil changed and the service rep Shelley greeted me and exuded customer service. Yesterday I went to the pet store and John was genuinely sweet. Not only did they say and do all the right things in terms of customer service, but the manner in which they did it was genuine from the heart. This type thing needs to be rejuvenated in people today. A simple smile, a kind word, taking the time to help someone is priceless. Notice I remembered their names both.

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I really like this one. I mean seriously mommy raised us to always be respectful but alot of people are not respectful

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