Kids having kids!/Social Issues!

Posted on March 23, 2009. Filed under: Encouragement/Empowerment |

Is there not something seriously wrong with our young children having kids. Most of them are unable to take care of these kids and many with dads that are in prisons. My tax dollars are having to be used to help these children. Also, many kids and their parents are getting “crazy” checks in this economy because they are diagnosed with mental problems. They have access to free medical and dental and food stamps and all that and I am trying to work hard only to have my insurance not pay hardly anything for dental work. Why do I have to pay for insurance that does not return that much and people who are unemployed are getting checks and free food and dental. I believe that in some instances, there is a need but in some, there is abuse of the system. Lord, I pray for those with legitimate needs that require aid but I pray Lord that you give us discernement in administering these social programs so that the deserving are being helped and those that are abusing the system are found out. I pray for America and the economic crisis that we are facing.

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3 Responses to “Kids having kids!/Social Issues!”

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Don’t get me started on this issue. It has been something that stirs me up since I was young myself. It is a very sad thing to see children who do not understand the consequences of their behavior birthing more children who then repeat that same pattern. It is a cyclical pattern that just reproduces (no pun intended) itself. The only way to BREAK the cycle is to get to the youth before they have been overly tainted by this world. Society is “ka sara sara” whatever will be will be but few are taking personal responsibility for their actions and the outcomes of their decisions. It is sad but most of the signs around our youth today are leaving them to “figure” life out and that can never be good. If you have ever seen the film “Lord of the Flies”, it is a PERFECT example of how the human mind and psyche works when left to themselves. We are unfortunately a society void of moral and understanding. The saddest part, these are HUMAN LIVES, the MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE on this earth.

Thanks for that great response. I have never seen that film but I will have to check it out..Hugs

Be ready for some deep psychological stuff if you really watch it to learn. It is a classic and it will definitely give you insight into the human nature of man in general. Powerful. Let me know when you finish watching it and what you think.

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