God use me as your vessel

Posted on March 23, 2009. Filed under: Spiritual |

In Exodus Chapter 7:3 until the children of Israel left Egypt, God kept hardening the heart of Pharaoh from letting them go. Each time God used Moses and Aaron to send a plague, Pharaoh would agree to let them go, but then God would harden his heart so that he changed his mind and refused to let them go. God even told Moses that that was what He would do with Pharaoh. Interestingingly, in Exodus Chapter 10:1-2, God revealed why He had done this. It reads, “The Lord said to Moses, Go to Pharaoh, for I have made his heart hard, and his servants’ hearts, that I might show these My signs (of divine power) before him, And that you may recount in the ears of your son and of your grandson what I have done in derision of the Egyptians and what things I have (repeatedly) done here–My signs (of divine power) done among them–that you may recognize and know that I am the Lord.”

Many times God will allow certain circumstances in our lives so that He can come in and show His awesome power. We are always quick to say, “God use me as your vessel”–but we think about that as in “God use me to spread your word, or use me to teach, preach, prophecy, lay hands on the sick etc”, however, God allowing negative circumstances in our lives is using us as a vessel. A vessel to show of his restorative power. A vessel to show that He is a God of His word. A vessel to show that He is El Shaddai. A vessel to show that He is a provider (Jehovah Jireh). A vessel to show that He can take the messed up things and produce diamonds. A vessel to show that He can take trash (the trash that is in us and our lives) and make treasure out of it. That is why in each circumstance in our lives and each trial, we are to keep praising God and seek His peace and seek His guidance.

I pray that this blesses you!!!!

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