Superbowl–Steelers and Cardinals–Fair Win?

Posted on February 3, 2009. Filed under: Encouragement/Empowerment |

Well, as a huge sports fan, I watched the Superbowl last night. As opposed to most years, I did not have a favorite. I liked both teams and therefore, it was a stress free, but great game for me. Pittsburg made alot of key players when needed but I think the Cardinals played well too. Many are reporting that the referees made calls in favor of the Steelers, but what I saw was not that. They made calls that were solid and pretty accurate. The only call that was questionable was the “roughing the passer” call made on a hit on Big Ben after he threw the ball. The call was very close but I do not think it would have changed the outcome either way. Also note that the Cardinals were very successful in their challenges. It was a fair yet awesome game. The Cardinals did not lose this football game. They just ran out of time to counter the counter that the Steelers had.

I also believe that the Cardinals could have used Fitzgerald more. I know he was covered pretty well by the defense but the way in which he grabs the ball out of the air and the way in which he moves with the ball, they probably would have gotten away with throwing the ball to Fitzgerald in the middle of the Steeler defense instead of waiting until the 4th.

Also, where were the Cardinal fans? The Steeler fans came out in droves!

By the way, Big Ben did not seen nervous this time around at all!!!!

Go Superbowl!!!!!Fun to watch!!!!


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